What is Singapore Pools?

Many Singaporean bettors love checking the latest Singapore horse racing race card to pick the horse or horses for their bets, and they do so either through Singapore Pools or foreign sportsbooks. Singapore Pools is a lottery subsidiary company owned by the state that serves to counter illegal betting operations in the country.

Singapore Pools can combat illegal betting by offering both lottery and sports betting selections to Singaporean bettors. Some of Singapore Pools’ offerings are the following:

  • 4D
  • Toto
  • Singapore Sweep
  • Horse Racing
  • Football Betting
  • Motor Racing

Bettors can also bet on these remotely, even with the Remote Gambling Act, because Singapore Pools was exempted from the law. Bettors no longer need to look for an online foreign sportsbook to bet on sports since they can just bet through Singapore Pools.

Even though bettors can bet online through Singapore Pools, many bettors still prefer online betting through online casinos and foreign sportsbooks. Bettors usually have more options through online casinos since they can play casino games and benefit from more betting options in football betting. In horse racing, bettors will be able to see more races through online casinos than through Singapore Pools.

The other reasons for people preferring online casinos are the following:

  • Availability of promos and bonuses
  • Lower minimum age requirement

The online problem with betting through online casinos is that bettors can easily get scammed off their winnings when they accidentally bet through fraudulent betting sites. Betting through Singapore Pools also has some risks today as fraudulent sites using the name Singapore Pools and bettors will need to avoid these fake sites to bet worry-free.

Many bettors will want to enjoy the benefits of betting through an online casino while not worrying about getting scammed through fake Singapore Pools websites. The best way to do this is by looking for and registering in a trustworthy online casino.

For more details please see this infographic by CM2Bet.